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Proof Positive on TV



Following on from work mentioned on the "Testimonials" page, further drilling at Gleneagles Hotel and Golf Course was done in a paddock beside the renowned Mark Phillips Riding School and the estate's nursery greenhouses, in connection with a BBC television documentary about dowsing.

We agreed that 2 boreholes should be drilled close together to prove how vital precision in Geodivining / groundwater surveying really is.



The best sources had already been drilled, (above), but a fairly good linear fracture zone was confirmed crossing this convenient (and photogenic) meadow.

We filmed the whole process from start to finish. The map-dowsing was filmed live in Jimmy Kidd's office, and the divining on site to confirm and mark the exact sites for drilling.

Doug placed one marker on his source, forecasting a yield of 27,000 l/hr from a 120m bore, and he marked a second site just 12m away, where he expected a very low yield. This allowed just enough space for two drilling rigs to work safely, side by side.

Two boreholes were drilled simultaneously, reaching a depth of 100m in the allotted time. The first one yielded 20,000 l/hr, while the second, just 12m away, yielded only a tiny trickle of 750 l/hr.    Q.E.D.

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